Bake, Bake, Bake Your Booty

My week before Christmas has been nothing about writing. I have been a baking fool.

On Thursday I baked a batch of lemon sugar cookies, they were all gone by Sunday. (Sweets do not last in our home, as you will soon see.)

Then on Friday I baked a lemon bunt cake from scratch. I didn’t have any cake flour and instead I used all-purpose. It came out kind of grainy but it tasted good none the less. The cake was gone by Sunday.

Snicker Doodles were my focus on Sunday. They were all gone by Monday. My son took all but the last two cookies to work. They are one of his favorite cookies.

On Monday I made Elephant Ears. I only made enough to go around with everyone getting just one of these tasty treats.

Since on Tuesday all the cookies were gone, I made a batch of Gingerbread Cookies. This was a first time for me. They came out pretty good even though I was a little bit short on the molasses and I didn’t have any dark brown sugar – only light brown.

Once again on Wednesday I made another batch of lemon sugar cookies. This time I doubled the batch so I would have some to bring in to work for our little Christmas party. I had to literally set aside and put a note on these cookies saying do not touch, since our party is on Friday.

Then tonight, Thursday, I made a double batch of Peach Coffee cake to bring in to work tomorrow with the cookies I stashed from the other day.

I think that Friday will be Fudge night. I like to make chocolate fudge which I plan to give away to my neighbors for holiday gifts.

All this baking has left me with no time to write. Hopefully I will do some catching up this weekend. I have a nice long four day weekend and I don’t plan on spending it cooking. My mom has plans on stepping into the kitchen and cooking our Christmas Turkey.

I am still shooting to have the first edit of Road Salt done by Christmas. Only time will tell.

If I don’t happen to make it back here again before Christmas to post – let me not be politically correct.

Merry Christmas Everyone