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Keelaa Bee Publishing provides the professional formatting every published book must have.

Over the recent years, Linda has developed a knack for formatting print books. Are you struggling with formatting your up and coming release? She would love to help you out. Contact her for a price quote.

Docx files will be converted to pdf files for submitting to Create Space.

Formatting for Ebooks available.

Formatting Rate

Print book formatting @ $0.0012 per word

Digital formats

Kindle (Mobi pocket) – $49 – For Amazon Kindle Direct

ePub – $49 – For Barnes and Noble

ePub 2 – $49 – For Google Books

open document – $49

Text – $25

HTB – $49

MP3 – $ rate to be determined

HTML – $49

Smashwords – $49 – This conversion covers multiple formats for distribution


PayPal credit accepted. For Print books, please contact Linda for a quote.

Ebook formatting fee

Formatting for each e-Books style.


For more information use the contact form below.

Previously Formatted Books



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