If We were having Coffee – I would tell you my goings on

Goings On-

No, I did not work on any of my wips this week. I still did do some writing, with my weekly assignment for class. This term is Organizational Behavior and Fundamentals of Taxation. I never knew that doing taxes could be so interesting. I am already compiling a ton of deductions that I may be able to take in the coming year.

Since I was not working on any of my manuscripts, what have I been doing?

InDesign –

I have played around some more with the Adobe software, InDesign. The more I use it and poke around with it, the more I like it. I can see that once I have mastered that program as much as I have mastered Microsoft Office we are going to get along really well.

I am hoping to have my skills up to par by either February or March when I plan to tackle more of my backlist and get them transferred to Ingram Spark. With any luck, maybe I will have a new title to publish by then.

School – Is going well.

I am about to hit another milestone next month. I will be on the last leg of my bachelor degree. October will see me become a senior. Graduation for the Bachelor degree will take place in October 2019, but the official commencement will be May of 2020.

I will then continue to complete a Master’s of Science in Accounting.

Ten years ago, I never thought I would be learning to crunch numbers let alone go back to school. College was nothing more than a long-lost pipe dream that I had given up on, but things changed in 2016 causing me to see that it was possible to go back to school 30 years later.

It has all been hard work, but well worth the effort. I feel so much better about myself. I even have a better understanding of people because of it.

When I first started out with my education, I was pursuing an Integrated Study plan of Business and Social Services with the hopes of becoming an HR Manager someday. But several people pointed out to me that the job market for HR was too competitive, and my education could be a waste of my money. So I decided to change my education track to accounting which will come in handy as a writer. Who knows what might be waiting for me around the corner in the next five years? I certainly never suspected that I would be going to school five years ago.


Keelaa B Publishing

Keelaa B models for the position of company mascot.

I have created my publishing house. I am in the beginning stages and will continue to develop my marketing and business plan. The first step was to secure the company name, which I completed. Next, I will use my publishing house to publish my books, and as I gain more knowledge about using InDesign, I will be able to open my submission door to providing services to others to help them get their titles published with Ingram.

The decision to go ahead with my own publishing company is an inspiring time for me. With only two years left of school, I am looking to get this company up and running by 2021, and I can’t wait!


What Karla Wants – Relaunch #Iamwriting

I made the decision this past week to relaunch What Karla Wants with a paperback edition through Ingram Spark. Talk about a learning curve, the Adobe Indesign software is complicated to learn, but once mastered it will open up a whole new area for me in the world of publishing.

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I not only managed to make a cover using the Adobe software but also formatted the interior of the book. It did not come out exactly the way I wanted it, but it does look professional.

There are a bunch of templates to choose from, but with more experience, I hope to be able to create my Interior templates.

Most of my works have been moved from the KDP site. I have left the paperback editions, and I have only created one book so far on Ingram Spark. Eventually, I will have all my books through Ingram.

I am also going with Lulu for the hardcover books only because the Isbns are free from Lulu. I think that if I can submit quality products to Lulu, the distribution channels will be more open to selling my works.

All eBook editions are moving to D2D. Their distribution service keeps adding new venues, and their conversion service is easier to use than Smashwords. They also do distribute to Amazon Kindle but not to CreateSpace as a paperback. I already have that area covered anyways.


From Print to Photography


Mike likes practicing his photography skills. I have started a new line on Lulu that will put all those photos to good use by creating calendars for the coming year. I have yet to learn how to distribute them to bookstores. They may have to be a flea market and jobber product. You can find these calendars for sale under my calendar tab.


NaNoWriMo is coming soon!


I have a new title I am working on once again. I know that I said I would work on the other works in progress but one always needs a new title for NaNo. I have been plotting and planning but may wind up panstering this book. Maybe I will outline two chapters at a time, so I will still have some direction to follow.

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Until we meet again – Keep on Writing!