New Release Coming Soon

Announcing: Road Salt
Coming Soon to KDP Select

The editing process is almost done. I’m so happy. It has a very powerful beginning. I am trying to keep that power going throughout the story.

It has been a struggle that I have to tell you about. To write an informative story that is entertaining at the same time is really hard. All the right elements have to be present in this story to bring this all the way home.

But if you have ever been at a rehab facility where the program is run by the residents then you would know what kind of power story I am trying to write.

It has to be thought provoking too. Not just entertaining.

Before I joined RWA I never gave much thought to writing a story that had a happy ending, now that all seems to be changing.

I am now learning that happy endings can be more powerful if used in the right sense.

The ending does not have to be joyful beyond the norm, it just has to be a feeling of closure.

I see that coming after all with this story.

With this last edit I have done the story is being shaped beyond my belief. I never thought that it could be done, but I do see it happening.

Goal: To release Road Salt to KDP Select by Midnight 2013.

Do you think I will be able to accomplish this?

Even I’m not sure. But they do say goals are a good thing to have. They get you motivated.

So here’s to 2013 and may you find Road Salt to be a Power Story of the year.

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