My Christmas tree is Falling Down

My Christmas tree is falling down

Falling down

Falling down

My Christmas tree is falling down

Oh my

Poor tree


This is the second time in the past week that our Christmas tree fell over – OH No!

The first time the cats had a hand in it, or so we believe. But this time we were sitting right here in the living room with no one near it and we watched it slowly glide once more to the floor.

Mike had used a different tree stand than normal. The one we usually use has a larger base but when we first put the tree up we found the trunk to be too small for the stand, hence, the reason for the other stand.

We have come to the belief that this other stand should not be used anymore for live trees. Tomorrow it is heading for the dumpster.

He decided to use the larger tree stand after all, but only after inserting wooden blocks about the base of the tree so that the screws would be long enough.

Next year we will be measuring the trunk of the tree to make sure that it is thick enough for the stand.

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Linda Nelson is a writer, blogger, daytime worker and student of business management and social services. Her studies are taking up a significant portion of her time while she finishes up her associate's degree and begins working on her bachelor degree with the intent of acquiring her MBA for Human Resource Management. Linda is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She is the author of Along Came Neil, a Young Adult Sweet-romance which is the last book in her Wings From Ashes trilogy released in 2013. Linda is working on other romances, but their release dates are still undetermined. Linda lives in Southern New Hampshire where she attends college at Franklin Pierce University. You can reach Linda at her website

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