Wings from Ashes – Character Building

Currently I am taking part in an online YA writing workshop. Tonight’s topic is Passive/Aggressive Behavior



Depict a character that is of a passive aggressive with pint up energy. Do they vehemently go into a rage when they just cannot take it anymore or do they hide from their obstacles by becoming vacant?


Oh, this would be my character Karla in my Wings of Ashes series.

Her mom never really pays attention to her except to criticize her and find fault with her. As far as Karla is concerned she hasn’t done anything wrong and does not deserve any blame. She sees herself as a victim of which ever circumstance she is involved with.

She never speaks out for fear of rocking the boat even when friendships are concerned. She is more likely to end up in an abusive relationship due to her denial of her self-worth. She appears to be a kind and caring individual but deep inside she harbors strong anger issues that she has learned to suppress.

Her friendship with Carol shows her Passive/aggressive behavior when she knows that Carol is shoplifting but refuses to say anything about it. And when she thinks about introducing Carol to her old friends, Sarah and Jody, she is hesitant due to the fact she is afraid they will voice their disapproval of the type of person Carol could be, even though they know nothing about her.

There is a new question; will Karla eventually lash out at anyone when her suppressed anger comes to a boil? Will there ever be a heated confrontation between Karla and Carol over the trouble Karla gets into because she lacks the desire to stand up and say No?

Could a possible fight break out at the jail when Karla reaches her boiling point when she discovers her home phone has been disconnected and she can’t call home to get bailed out of jail?

This will add another chapter to the end of Road Salt – Woot!


So far I love this online workshop and most likely I will be signing up for others in the coming weeks. I also have a strong feeling I will be joining the YARWA chapter too.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s topic.


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