Weekend Warrior

I guess I am a Weekend Warrior when it comes to writing.

Do you have a particular day where you find that you have the highest success at finding your word count for your work in progress?

I do.

It is Saturdays and Sundays. Those are my two days where I can sit undisturbed all morning long and write like there is no tomorrow. Unless there is a meeting I need to go to that day as was the case last Saturday and this coming Saturday.

From now on, I am going to try to focus more of my writing time around both of these two days, with the exception of this weekend.

This Friday I will be getting my root canal and then on Monday will be the temporary crown. So, I took the whole weekend off.

I think, I hope, that I will be in the mood to write after the root canal and then again on Monday after the crowning. This means that I will try and give myself a word count goal to shoot for over the weekend.

If I can hit 5k words a day during my so called long weekend I should be able to get to the middle of the story and quicken the pace.

When I write, I always fear that the story is dragging on – and on – and on for chapters at a time.

So those are my plans for this weekend, besides going to the first Mondnock Writers’ Group meeting this Saturday morning.

English: Main Street East, Peterborough, New H...
English: Main Street East, Peterborough, New Hampshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If anyone is interested, we meet at the Peterborough, NH town library in the conference room in the lower portion of the library at 9:45 am. These meetings are open to the public and last until somewhere around 11 am.

At each of these monthly meetings we are visited by a guest speaker to talk about the writing process.

We’ve had many great speakers since I joined in 2010.

If you have never been to a writing group in your area, I want to suggest that you should do so if you are really serious about entering a writing career. You not only get to make some really great friends but you do tend to leave with a few new bits of information you didn’t have before you attended the meeting.

ROW80 Check – in:

Last Sunday I had a really great day for my work in progress. I was able to add 5k words to the story that has been troubling me for the past month.

Maybe I was avoiding it and making excuses not to write. Who knows? But I was real happy with what I did accomplish this past Sunday. That boosted my manuscript to being 27% done.

Now for the rest of the week, the only writing I have done has been my blogging. That’s it.

After writing this blog, I will have my 500 words for the day. Snicker…snicker…

So here’s to a productive long weekend.

Want to meet some of the other ROW’ers? Click on the Linkey List.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior

  1. I hear you on the not writing issue. I have the same issue. Everything in my life seems to wear me down to the point that I’m just exhausted, and in no condition to think creatively. Not an excuse… I know. It is still true, though. Great job last Sunday, and I wish you the best with this coming weekend! Good luck with the dental work too!


    1. Mike, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean and I don’t think of this as an excuse. It is a fact of life and you need to find that me time in between to keep yourself from burning out.



  2. Wow, I’m pretty sure I never hit 5k in a day. I feel like I’ve hit a monumental record if I hit half of that.

    I do notice that there are definitely rhythms to when I’m able to be most creative. I seem to start out well at the beginning of the week and then sorta wear down as the week goes on.

    Best of luck to you with the dental work and hopeful writing!


    1. Michael, you too will eventually grow your word count records over time. This does not happen over night. But sometime in the future you will come across that scene that really gets into your head and you have to jot it down. When this happens you will be surprised to find that you have not only written that scene but the next two to go with it.

      Good luck on your word count for the week.


    1. I am hoping that the pain won’t be too bad since I am not in any pain at this time. Thanks for the heads up Gloria. Maybe I should take an ibuprophen before seeing the dentist in the morning. Hopefully they give me lots of novicane.

      I’m not sure which would have been the lesser of the evils – Having the root canal or having the tooth pulled…


  3. I, too, admire the ability to consistently write 5K on your writing days. As you said in your response, it really does have to do with the scene emerging as you just keep writing. Also appreciate what you say about writers groups for they provide inspiration, camaraderie, and truly add to the identity of being a writer. Hope all went well with the dentist. Best to you in this last week of ROW 80.



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