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Making My Day Count

Yesterday I read a post about keeping track of your daily rhythm. K.M. Huber suggested in her post that we should keep track of our daily activities to learn where we are spending our time. This way we can become more time efficient in our daily activities. She said that this may help with finding more writing time. To read more about this check-out :

So here is my day’s activity:

  1. Wake up and turn on computer
  2. Get coffee
  3. Exercise
  4. Check email
  5. Watch some news and get another cup of coffee
  6. Make breakfast
  7. Make lunch
  8. Make bed
  9. Take care of personal needs (ready for work)
  10. Go to work
  11. Eat snack
  12. Back to work
  13. Have lunch
  14. Back to work
  15. Go home
  16. Check email
  17. Have supper
  18. Make banana bread
  19. Feed chickens
  20. Write main blog
  21. Write 400 words on work in progress
  22. Write this blog
  23. Shower
  24. Go to bed

That’s it; twenty four things done today, and I did manage to get a little bit done on my work in progress.

Tomorrow I will be back again with another list of daily activities. We will see if this changes at all. And, to think I didn’t even get to play my World of Warcraft game.

I am starting to like this already. I not only managed another 400 words on the work in progress I also wrote this blog post and one other.


Linda is a student at Franklin Pierce University studying Business Management and works a full-time day job. She not only blogs when she has time, but she writes Young Adult Contemporary and Romance. Fantasy too. Since 2013, she has been a member of RWA and has published six books since 2010. One of which is a short story collection. In her spare time, which seems to be a rarity, she likes to knit, crochet, quilt, and sometimes garden, and find a chance to play with her pooches, Keelaa and Julie.