>Ruby Angel


On the prowl again, the great huntress climbs the tree in search of the largest bird she could find. Kitty Sampson, a wide-eyed smoke gray short haired cat made it to the branch of destination. The blue jay perched on the branch, watched her prowl slowly along. It shook its feathers.

“Who are you kidding? I see you there, Kitty.” The blue jay squawked.

Kitty stopped and looked up at the great bird. “Why do you have to ruin every thing. Couldn’t you see I was practicing?”

“Well you are going to need a lot more practice before you will be able to sneak up on anyone.” The jay shifted his weight to one leg and held out his wing, fluffing the feathers underneath it. “I saw you coming as soon as you left the house.”

Kitty stopped on the branch and sat down. A strong breeze shook the oak tree branch to and fro, causing the jay to take flight above the tree. “Where are you going?” she asked the jay.

“Can’t you see there is a storm a brewing,” he cawed. “I would get to shelter soon if I were you.”

Kitty looked to the sky. A line of dark clouds were heading in her direction, but they appeared to be way off in the distance. The wind ruffled her fur, but it felt nice on a hot day like today.

The jay was gone now, leaving Kitty all alone in the tree. She followed the branch some more, creeping to the end of the branch. A low rumble sounded off in the distance. The smell of rain was in the air.

Kitty huffed to herself, “I guess I better get down out of this tree before it is too late.”

A stronger breeze blew the branch to and fro and almost caused Kitty to lose her footing. The rain fell in tiny droplets. She took another step toward the tree trunk and looked down. The grass below looked like a shag carpet.

Another rain droplet fell. “Oh…oh what am I going to do?” Kitty fought off the feeling of panic.

The acid smell of the rain grew stronger while the storm came closer. A crack of thunder sounded over head. The wind blew the branch again. Kitty almost lost her grip. She had to do something fast.

“Think…think…what to do…” She closed her eyes for a moment and thought. “Ah ha… I know…I will become Ruby Angel. The super heroine who possesses the power of gravity control.”

Kitty looked down at the ground again. This was not going to be an easy task, it was a long way down.

Another crack of thunder and Kitty gripped tightly to the branch. The rain fell in a fine mist. She closed her eyes and began to imagine her self as Ruby Angel. The super cat who wore a light blue cape and yellow goggles, with a bright pink bow on the back of her neck. Ruby Angel, the super model heroine cat.

“Don’t let the bow and the cape get wet,” she told herself. “A branch, find another branch.”

There it was, below her off to her right. She crouched, wiggled her hinney in preparation for the jump. Kitty launched her self at the branch and almost missed her mark. She clawed and scrambled with her hind feet to find a foot hold with her sharp claws. With some struggle she pulled her self onto the branch. There were two more branches to go.

“This is hard work to be a super cat. Oh no…here comes the rain. My bow is going to get wet.”

She moved quicker, imagining her cape floating off her back while she jumped from one branch to the other. Kitty stopped on the last branch. She was now closer to the ground. But, it was still a long way down.

All it took was that last crack of thunder to set Kitty into motion. She launched her self toward the ground. Her heart was beating fast while she tried to fold her ears back. She hoped she could protect her bow with her ears from the rain.

Good thing cats always land on their feet. It would have been awful if she had gotten her bow and cape dirty. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she ran as fast as she could to the safety of the house porch. Taking cover underneath it.

A pair of eyes looked at her.

“Now what?” she wondered. “Another task for Ruby Angel to deal with?”


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