Friends of Choice wins NABE Pinnacle Book Award

New Ipswich, NH, November 05, 2010 –(– NABE announced,
just recently, the winners of the Fall 2010 Pinnacle Book Award. Friends of
Choice was one of the chosen books of this coveted award.

Linda Nelson
was ecstatic when she learned she had become a chosen recipient of this award.
She published her first book “Friends of Choice” just recently with Lulu
Publishing. After she watched her own children go through the difficult task of
choosing friends, she was prompted to write a story about friendship, trust, and
consequences. This is the first book in a series of books she is planning on
writing for Tweens/Teens & Young Adults.

“Friends of Choice” is a
great book for early teens. This fast paced story follows a 16 year old girl who
is forced to move away from her friends she has known since early grade

Karla is not happy with her parents when they tell her they have
sold their house and are moving away. Her parents tell her the reason why they
are moving is that her Dad has a new job.

Her parents have chosen to live
in a suburban city. While they think the move is a nice surprise for Karla, all
Karla can think about is leaving her friends behind.

Karla is forced to
make new friends.

The question is: What are Karla’s new friends

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About Linda Nelson

Linda Nelson is a writer, blogger, daytime worker and student of business management and social services. Her studies are taking up a significant portion of her time while she finishes up her associate's degree and begins working on her bachelor degree with the intent of acquiring her MBA for Human Resource Management. Linda is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She is the author of Along Came Neil, a Young Adult Sweet-romance which is the last book in her Wings From Ashes trilogy released in 2013. Linda is working on other romances, but their release dates are still undetermined. Linda lives in Southern New Hampshire where she attends college at Franklin Pierce University. You can reach Linda at her website

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