The Bee Dance

 Mitch and his friends love to play baseball in the field across from his house. They would gather every Saturday to hold a neighborhood game. Mitch always got to pitch.
     Allen was the catcher. The short kid with the crew cut who alway had trouble running the bases. One time, this one kid hit the ball and he just stood there watching the ball fly through the sky. Everyone yelled at him to run the bases, but he just stood there dumb founded.
     It was a good thing the outfield dropped the ball, while Jay ran to where Allen stood and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him toward the next base. After a few steps, Allen began running on his own.
     The game went on for two hours until Harvey, the outfielder began his dance. He moved way out into the center outfield. Paul always hit the ball far, so he wanted to make sure he caught the ball this time.
     That is when he saw the can on the ground. Just an old soda can. The words had faded on the can making them illegible unless you knew the brand logo.
     Harvey just could not resist. He aimed his foot carefully. He looked at the home plate. The players were too busy arguing on who was going to be up at bat next.
     He focused on the can again with all his attention and kicked it as hard as he could. The can went flying but that was not all that went flying.
     The air was suddenly full of bees.
     Mitch turned to look out into the outfield before pitching his next pitch. He saw Harvey out in the field. His arms were waving this way and that.
“What the hell is Harvey doing?” Mitch asked the other infield players. “He looks like he is doing the Macarena.”
     All the infield players turned their head to look to where Mitch was pointing. They saw Harvey flinging his arms about him and slapping his chest and legs. Allen began copying him. They all thought he was being funny until the bees began stinging them on their arms and legs.
     Harvey was running. Running past the home base and then past the duggout. “Bees!” He yelled as he passed the rest of the team players. He was followed by the rest of his team players doing the Bee Dance.

Copyright © 2010 by Linda Nelson


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