Crafty Discovery ~ Scene 2

“Hey Bill! What is he pointing at?”

“Tim, maybe you are sitting in his seat. Maybe you should like move out of his way so he can fly this thing.”

“I think he wants me to push another button.”

“I don’t think you should be pushing anymore buttons, Tim.”

“No, look. He is pointing to the control panel. There is just one button I didn’t push yet. I wonder what it could be.”

“Tim, don’t be pushing anymore buttons… just get out of his seat and let him take over. You have gotten us in enough trouble.”

“You sure you want him to touch that? He doesn’t even know how to read your language.”

“Bill, it is too late. I just pushed the button.”

“Great Tim, just great.”

“I don’t know who you are or why you took my ship, but we are in root to return to my mother ship. When we board I will find out what to do with you two.”

“Oh my God! Bill did you hear that? He spoke to us. Was that some type of translation button?”

“Yes one who pushes too many buttons called Tim.”

“Heh… Tim he was talking to you!”

“Fearful one.. Called Bill.. Me and my people do not eat your kind. And I will not dissect you.”

“Well that is a relief! Can you turn this thing around and take us home? Please!”

“No I can not do that. The magnetic pull to the mother ship has been engaged. I can not stop the process now. We must dock and a decision will be made as to what to do with you.”

“Tim this is messed up. You owe me for those ballgame tickets. That was suppose to be a great game.”

“Oh right, the Rangers vs. the Reds? You act like it was suppose to be the Yankees or Red Sox.”

“Well for your information, it was the Rangers vs. the Red Sox. I paid a lot for those box seats.”

“You bought box seats? Where did you come up with the money for box seats?”

“I sold my lawn tractor.”

“I was gonna borrow that this week.”

“Well now you’ll have to use your wife’s scissors.”

“Shit, Bill, you don’t have to be that way.”

“We will be docking in a minute. You need to remain calm. Stop fighting!”

“You better keep him from touching anymore buttons. He is liable to send the mother ship back to your homeland.”

“Bill, will you drop it for now. I won’t touch anymore buttons. Look I will keep my hands in my pockets.”

“You both stay here. I will be right back. I must let them know you are aboard.”

“You couldn’t just call them up on the TV screen and let them know we are here?”

“Hey Bill, if I hit the right button, maybe we can turn this thing around and go back home.”

“Leave them alone, Tim!”

“They will see you now. Follow me.”

“Sir, these are the Earthlings who started the ship and activated the magnet draw to the ship.”

“Ah yes! Earthlings! What to do with them. Hmm… You say one likes buttons? We can leave him with the droids. What to do with the other.”

“Fearful Bill likes ballgames of Rangers vs. Red Sox.”

“Well then take him to the arena, but watch him closely. Don’t want him stealing home.”

“Um… Tim, where are they taking us?”

“Hell if I know.”

“Hey translator! What did he say back there? Where are you taking us and when can we go home?”

“Tim the button pusher will stay here. And you are to come with me.”

“Great Tim! Now they are splitting us up. You better figure out a way to get us out of here and get us back home.”

“I will do my best Bill.”


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