What is it With Fear


Why is it that fear can come out of nowhere in the middle of the day.  It does not matter what is happening during that time. We can be having a relatively good day and then zing we are now hit with a feeling of fear.  It hit everyone too for different reasons and sometimes it becomes global and infectious.  We look at circumstances that happen in our world and then claim that some sort of terrorism is behind it, but what kind, and where did it really come from.  Do we really need to blame other people and places for our fears or does it really come out of no where to test how and what we make of it.  Like the fuel problems that the world is dealing with right now.  It is causing some sort of panic world wide. Is something trying to tell us that we should be using our fear to change something that needs to be changed.  Our fear of how our environment has deteriorated over the last hundred years, should that have been our first clue that change needed to happen. And now that there has been financial trouble going around the world, something is telling us that change needs to happen.  When they find an energy to replace the fuel needs of today will this take away our fears of the environment.

The economy has problems and everyone around the world fears how they will be able to make it through the winter.  The greed in some seems to be fueling the fear and causing panic, so this is where we begin to blame people and places for causing our panic.  What can we change and how can we change it matters now.  Putting off change can make matters worse as time goes by.  Do we really need to wait until something bad happens to make a change or can we accept that it needs to happen so we can change. 

Automobile industries don’t want to change their design because they would then have to think about how to change and this will cause them to spend more money, but they are losing money anyway’s, will the longer they wait cause them to lose more money than what they would earn with change.

Oil companies don’t want to change their energy source, they would have to think about how to change where and what their energy comes from and this would make them lose money or would it really.  Killing our environment and the world population does not seem to be the right choice for them to continue making.  When their energy source runs out what will they use then and when there is no populace left in the world who would buy their energy.

These are our global fears.  I think it is funny that my personal fears can be as minute as fearing what other people think of me.  Maybe I need to change some more, like what I think of myself and how I do things.  Think and do can be so simple but so hard at times.


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