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    My Story

      I thought it all started when I had married my past husband.  He was a heavy drinker who was a very negative person that was abusive.  I had lived with him for thirteen years not knowing what was wrong with me, always thinking that everything was my fault.  Then we divorced with me still thinking everything was my fault.…

  • writing and poetry

    Reality and Imagination

      Reality is the end of the causeThe cause was the beginning of the imageThe image was the thought that happenedThe happening was the realityThe reality was the image that showedWhat showed was the image of thoughtWhat thought happened when the image showedThe imaged showed the thought of realityThe thought of reality was an imageThe thought happenedThe image happenedThe imagination…

  • Al-Anon

    Trusting Others

      Thinking about trusting others before we learn to trust ourselves can lead to serious relationship problems like resentment and criticism.I had a problem before, thinking that people were to be trusted. I learned that it "starts with me". In any relationship I must first trust myself before I can even think about trusting the other person. Boundaries are extremely…

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