What Karla Wants

What Karla Wants
$ 14.99eBook: $ 0.99
Series: Wings From Ashes, Book 1
Genre: young adult contemporary
Publisher: Keelaa B Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Length: novel
ASIN: 1519103093
ISBN: 9781519103093

New School, new friends, and a chance to be popular. What Karla wants is to be part of that in-crowd for once in her life.

This book was previously titled “Friends of Choice.”

Karla needs permission to stay overnight at Carol’s because it is the only way she can go to the party her new friends have invited her to. She needs to give Carol an answer before they cancel the invite. But Karla is afraid her mother will say no. Mrs. Centon says no to a lot of things Karla wants to do for apparently no reason at all. How can she convince her mother to say yes despite knowing she will say no?

About the Book

Linda is in the process of moving her books out of KDP and CreateSpace publishing. She is finally going pro and her books will be more readily available in local bookstores soon.

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ISBN: 9780692184585

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