90 Minute Sprint Writing – #ROW80

Yesterday was my monthly NHRWA meeting. We always have such a great time. One of my fellow writers of this group is trying to research a particular question about how does a guy know when his man-hood is about to be activated when he has no clothes on. We have had our husbands answer with many different, but similar answers. None of which actually answers the question.

The number one answer has been: All the blood rushes from the big head to the little head. That’s it…

So how do you know if you don’t know???

The questions like this one are what causes the groups to be so hilarious.

NHRWA Guest Speaker – Miranda Neville

We had a guest speaker, Miranda Neville. She spoke to us about Social Media and Promotion.

She said, “First off, be genuine.”

In other words be yourself, write the way you speak. Don’t fake it. People will know if you are trying to be that which you are not. They just know.

Networking is important. It is not who you know, but who does so and so know. They may know someone who might be interested in reading your work.

It is much easier to promote someone else’s work than it is to promote your own.

And try to do as little direct promoting as possible. Plain and simple, people don’t like spam unless it comes in a can, and that too can be questionable.

She gave us a lot of good information and the above are just some of the tidbits she left us with.

Writing Sprints

This is something new for me. During the meeting yesterday one of the gals mentioned a writing exercise to help one write more consistently. I decided to give it a try.

This exercise is based on Interval Training. Just like what is used by those who do sports.

It is believed that by keeping work out intervals limited to 90 minute cycles one will build up greater stamina and have fewer writing blocks.

I gave it a try to day and found that I did keep writing longer. I would step away from the work in progress every thirty to ninety minutes and I was able to keep going until 2pm.

I have half the manuscript edited and added another 2k words to the story.

Most people have to cut their stories, I on the other hand have to go back in and add to it. When I write a draft, that is what it is – a draft.

ROW80 Update

The edit for Road Salt is half done. My characters are beginning to take shape.

It is funny how one simply placed sentence added in a chapter can make such a big difference in knowing more about the character. If a character asks a question, most likely they will receive an answer.

I am still keeping with my Christmas Goal of having the first edit done.

I know I can do this.

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2 thoughts on “90 Minute Sprint Writing – #ROW80

  1. LOL. Part of me wants to answer that first question but I’ll refrain. I can totally get behind the “be genuine” part. I find that I’m drawn to authors more if they are truly genuine. You’re over halfway there. You can do it!


    1. LOL… We are having so much fun with that first question. It is too bad that our men don’t want to play along with us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to put you on the spot to answer the question. But if…. (LOL)


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