If We Were Having Coffee - I Would Tell You - About My Current Events

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This appears to be an active year for me. I’ve been so busy while this year is flying by. Where did summer go? I can’t believe that fall has already fallen upon us. I love the fall foliage, but I hate seeing bare trees later in the season. I’m not a fan of winter either. […]

Making Your Own Egg Rolls


I love this recipe. It took me a couple of tries to perfect it to the point where it tastes like authentic Chinese restaurant egg rolls. The first time I made this recipe, I didn’t have any Oyster Sauce. You have to have Oyster Sauce to make these taste anywhere near what you find in […]

Public Schools across the United States have left out some of the biggest subjects that should be taught before a student leaves high school. Life Skills. These skills aren’t just reading and writing and arithmetic, these skills are what every individual needs to survive in the real world regardless of whether or not they go […]

Keelaa on Guard

Life will not stand still, not while Keelaa is in charge. She keeps a sentry post atop by the windowsill looking for those who dare to walk down her road or play out in their yard without inviting her. Insistently she barks for them to pay attention to her or else she will continue until they are no longer in sight.